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What is a Web Hosting Service?

If you’re reading this article there are good chances that you’re going to build your first website, or maybe you’re just curious about this term you find pretty much everywhere websites or website development are discussed.

Whichever is your case, this article will clear all your doubts.

Web hosting is a service often called simply hosting service ( despite this definition is more commonly used for a wider range of services, including website hosting ) that makes your website accessible on the web.

Your web hosting provider allots some space for your website on one or more servers so that your website is actually reachable on the internet.

This description of web hosting is very generic, in fact the term is often applied to a wide spectrum of services.

A very basic hosting service makes your website available to the public as is, made of its static pages and files ( images, video files, audio files ). As of today it’s actually rather uncommon to find hosting plans that only allow static content, most hosting plans come with a lot more than this, they have advanced features and scripting languages and database interactions.

Being able to use a scripting language like PHP, which is the most popular on the web, together with a database like MySQL, which is often used with PHP, gives you a huge range of web development possibilities.

Simply put, with a scripting language you can develop a dynamic website:

A scripting language allows you to develop dynamic websites which can be easily update with few clicks and copy and paste.

The internet connections used by web hosting providers are extremely fast, hosting companies operate out of buildings that have been built, or adapted for this purpose, with backup power lines, power generators and multiple redundant internet connections to ensure customers websites are reachable 24/7 even in case of black outs or fiber cuts.

In conclusion a web hosting service will make your website available to everyone on the web, 24/7 365 days per year. You get space for your website on a server always connected to the internet on which you can execute software and store and retrieve data.

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