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Website Builder Tools – Bringing Professional Web Design Within Your Reach

If you have been considering starting an online business, one of the first hurdles you will face is creating your website. New website builder tools have made the web design and creation process very easy even for inexperienced web designers. These programs help the user find and design professional looking headers. Some of the programs even handle the coding of HTML behind the scenes by allowing the user to drag and drop building blocks to do their webpage layouts. By using these tools even a true beginner can create professional looking sites quickly and easily.

In the past, Web design tools were basically nothing more than code editors. Web designers were required to know HTML and had to code websites by hand. With the technology built into new web design software, users are not required to learn HTML. Often, even after learning HTML it would take a web developer months or even years to transition from seeing code to visualizing the final layout as he was coding a website. These new web design programs allow users to see the final design on-the-fly. All of this helps new web designers quickly build sites without the long learning curve required in the past.

By giving users the ability to drag and drop building blocks onto layout screen to quickly build up the layout or structure of their site, web design software even facilitates the graphic design process of Web building. Instead of coding CSS or laying out complicated table designs, once the building blocks are in place the software creates the code to make it happen. The best of these programs will even assist the user in placing images or other media files into their layouts. For example, a user would browse to an image file on their computer or select an image from elsewhere on the web then drop the image into one of the pre-Place building blocks where the software would resize it to fit the space that had been allotted for it.

Website headers and banners are the cornerstones of professional looking web design. The latest generation of web development software often includes a wide selection of premade headers covering a range of subjects to fit most commercial and even personal needs. This allows even brand-new users the ability to easily start a clean and professional looking design. At the same time the software will allow users to customize these headers by changing colors, changing backgrounds, or even replacing images to match their specific individual needs. Finally, these programs can have the ability to store these customized banners for later use on future pages or additional websites as needed.

Years ago, in order to create a website, someone either had to spend a great deal of time learning HTML and design principles or hire a web developer to build the page for them. Today’s new generation of website builder tools levels the playing field by allowing even the newest user to create professional looking websites in minutes that rival those of the most experienced web developers.

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