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Ask Your Web Hosting Company These 24 Questions!

August 18th, 2018

Any business these days requires a website. It has become an expectation. Herewith, a list of 24 questions that you should ask your web hosting company before you purchase web hosting.

Technical Support: Technical support must be available to you.

1. What do they provide?

– They should provide live chat, telephone support, email support through a ticketing system and a FAQs / knowledgebase.

2. When are they available?

– They should be available during office hours and preferably after hours. At the least they should be flexible to help after hours if you have requested it beforehand.

3. Does tech support cost extra?

– There should be no extra cost for hosting related queries. Note, that for issues not related to your hosting account there may be charges (for instance, if your website does not display across all browsers and you need help with that).


Ensure that you have enough space to expand in the future.

4. How much storage do they offer? (A typical Web site uses between 20-30 MB)

5. Do they offer enough extra space for your business to grow into? 100MB is a good starting point.

– You should have at least enough to cover your current hosting needs twice! There should also be a clear and easy upgrade path for when you need more.


Getting a Domain name for your business is one of the most important things you could do.

6. Will they register your Domain name on your behalf?

– You should not need to hassle with technical details of getting a domain, and besides, you want to pay one bill for both the domain and the hosting.

7. How long will it take?

– If it takes more than 48 hours from time of order to being fully live then look around some more.

8. Is there any extra cost to you?

– Besides the actual cost of the domain name (which should not exceed $15), there should not be a service charge for registering and maintaining your domain name. In fact, many hosting companies will offer you a free domain name in the first year.


There are 3 basic website design options. 1) Hire a web developer to design the entire website. 2) A template solution that is inexpensive, but designs are not unique.

9. Do they have a builder that you can manage easily?

– If you aren’t coding your website with a software package or by hand, then do they have the online Sitebuilder to help you get your site done quickly.

– There should be FREE web templates within your CPanel area.

– There should be resources to doing your own site from theirs, ie, tutorials, how to’s, etc.

10. What type of computer background do you need to design your site?

– Dependant on what option you prefer above, it could be none to rather advanced.

11. Do you have control over content and updates?

– You should have full access to your content through FTP or Cpanels file manageer


12. How many email aliases comes with your package?

– This differs with the packages, but should be enough to cover you for the stage of business you are in.

13. Will your emails have the domain name in them for a more professional appearance (eg, joe(@)

– Is there any other way???

14. What is the cost to add extra emails?

– You should be able to easily add up to your package maximum in CPanel at no cost

15. Are there any additional costs?

– This is an easy, self managed action, so there should be no extra fees


Make sure there are no hidden costs.

16. Are there initial setup fees and what do you get exactly?

– There should be no initial setup fees for a basic hosting account. Systems should be automated, so there is no human effort, hence costs are not incurred in signing you up

17. Are there any additional charges?

– There may be additional charges if you exceed your disk space or traffic quota. Try to find a web hosting company that will allow you some grace in case your website gets busier faster than you anticipated.


18. Am I locked into a contract?

– You should not sign a contract. You should have the ability of managing your account on a month by month basis

19. May I cancel at anytime?

– This is important as you may want to move to a better web hosting company. You should be able to move your content AND domain name easily

20. Are there any penalty fees for switching or closing your account?

– If you are on a month to month service agreement, you should be able to terminate with 30 days notice without any penalties. Note that most companies will not release your domain name until you have paid for it, but fair is fair!

21. What happens to my content?

– Your content is yours. You should simply get it all via FTP (or as a backup from CPanel) before cancelling. Your domain should also be transferred (note that some registrars charge about $10 to transfer domains, so you may need to pay that to them directly).


22. What makes them better than their competition?

– They need to provide great support. They should use their own servers for their own websites and have all the value added services, like web development, custom software development, graphic designers, etc. This is important because if they are software / web developers they can answer technical question which extend beyond just hosting support

23. What exactly sets them apart?

– We believe the old adage that the “customer is king”, so should your web hosting company

24. Does the web host provide the features that you need for your web site?

– There should be many free scripts like ecommerce applications, WordPress, etc for free and easy to setup in CPanel.

What is a Web Hosting Service?

August 17th, 2018

If you’re reading this article there are good chances that you’re going to build your first website, or maybe you’re just curious about this term you find pretty much everywhere websites or website development are discussed.

Whichever is your case, this article will clear all your doubts.

Web hosting is a service often called simply hosting service ( despite this definition is more commonly used for a wider range of services, including website hosting ) that makes your website accessible on the web.

Your web hosting provider allots some space for your website on one or more servers so that your website is actually reachable on the internet.

This description of web hosting is very generic, in fact the term is often applied to a wide spectrum of services.

A very basic hosting service makes your website available to the public as is, made of its static pages and files ( images, video files, audio files ). As of today it’s actually rather uncommon to find hosting plans that only allow static content, most hosting plans come with a lot more than this, they have advanced features and scripting languages and database interactions.

Being able to use a scripting language like PHP, which is the most popular on the web, together with a database like MySQL, which is often used with PHP, gives you a huge range of web development possibilities.

Simply put, with a scripting language you can develop a dynamic website:

A scripting language allows you to develop dynamic websites which can be easily update with few clicks and copy and paste.

The internet connections used by web hosting providers are extremely fast, hosting companies operate out of buildings that have been built, or adapted for this purpose, with backup power lines, power generators and multiple redundant internet connections to ensure customers websites are reachable 24/7 even in case of black outs or fiber cuts.

In conclusion a web hosting service will make your website available to everyone on the web, 24/7 365 days per year. You get space for your website on a server always connected to the internet on which you can execute software and store and retrieve data.

Developing E-Commerce Website – Your First Step in Online Business

August 14th, 2018

Nowadays, Internet is being used in almost every walk of life. People use Internet for several day to day tasks ranging from information search to email, instant messaging, online banking and e-Commerce. However, in a broad sense we can categorize Internet users as Service Providers and Customers.

A majority of people use Internet as a customer availing different online services, whereas a part of Internet users are providing some kind of services to such customers. We can call them services providers. There are several services that we can use on Internet.

Internet has provided a global platform to business minded people. From our neighborhood florist to department store and Pizza delivery chains, all are having their own website and they are selling their products and services through Internet. Such online businesses don’t require too much capital. You can also start your own online business with a little effort.

How To Start Online Business

Before moving further into online business, you need to set a niche of products or services that you can offer to your potential customers. Once you have the idea of an online business, you need to have your own online identity and platform to sell your products and services online. In order to attain these two things you need to have an e-Commerce website.

Development of e-Commerce website is not an easy task. One needs to take care of several things. Not everybody has so much technical skills to develop a website. They need help from some web design and development companies. There are some Indian outsourcing companies offering affordable web design and development services. They take care of all needs for an e-Commerce website. Unlike other companies they provide one stop service. Right from domain name registration to web hosting, web designing and development, they provide all type of services.

Nowadays, one can find different Content Management Systems (CMS) for developing an e-Commerce website. It becomes easier to develop an ecommerce website with help of CMS. Expert web development companies also provide CMS customization services where they can modify any CMS according to your personal preferences. Expert web development companies provide Search Engine Friendly websites. It will be of great help at the time of search engine optimization for your e-Commerce website.

This is the first step in order to start your online business. Once you have your website ready you can start thinking of online promotion of your website to attract potential customers. Remember, success in online business requires consistency, hard work and determination to excel.