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Recruitment Web Design and The Old House Building Analogy

August 27th, 2018

Good, effective websites for recruiters have a good deal in common with other well-functioning websites. The key thing is that they are different things to different people. To recruitment clients, they need to convey different content to potential candidates.

You need to find a website developer with an appropriate blend of design, marketing and technology – if you go too heavy on either of these three factors, it’s likely you’ve gone to the wrong person. A well rounded web developer who is experienced in recruitment website design will help ensure that you get a great-looking, money-making, technically superior site set up in a short space of time.

The key to a successful site is first understanding what your target market are looking for. That’s why a good developer will start every project they do with thorough keyword research. Having simple online marketing knowledge – including Search Engine Optimisation – underpins everything from the architecture process onwards. If your target market can find you easily, you’ll be successful. And if you are successful, so will your web developers be.

The “Optimised Design Process” starts with keyword research. From a thorough understanding of the keywords that the site must support, the developer can then help you create a sitemap and content inventory.

The next phase is architecture: this is where I believe where “web design” companies go wrong. To use an analogy: don’t get the painters and decorators involved until the architect has properly laid the plans! Good website architects have years of experience in usability and in the planning and development of websites. Once the plans are agreed, the developers will then ask designers to get involved and create a contemporary design that reflects your brand.

To continue the house building analogy, good web developers will then ensure that the wiring and plumbing of the front-end to the back-end Recruitment CMS is done and and do all the necessary stuff to get it live on your website address.

The necessary skills to build a top class website can be found in one person (it’s a left/right brain thing). Experienced people at every stage of the project to ensure all runs smoothly and you get the best website possible from your recruitment website design team

  • Information Architects
  • Web Designers
  • Software Developers
  • SEO Copywriters
  • Technical Support Staff
  • Search Engine Marketing Consultants

Three Key Reasons Why a Freelance Web Designer Should Start Producing Web Video Today

August 26th, 2018

Producing web video is a difficult, yet rewarding, experience. If you have kept saying to yourself “I’ll have a look at it tomorrow” for the past year, then it’s time to take that tomorrow and make it a now. In this article we’ll see why Web Video is such an important skill for web designers and web developers, and the key reasons why a simple web video can produce so much more conversions than a block of text stating the same information.

Why Video in first place?
The answer seems obvious: we live in a video world. Everybody watches tv, and YouTube along with all its clones bought video to the web with an earth shattering success. As always, however, there are some less obvious reasons why web video is so important.

1. Video allows to show rather than explain
Sounds too obvious? It isn’t. A video tutorial or a video eLearning session can quickly convey the point and show exactly the steps that have to be accomplished in order to get the expected result. Compare this with the last time you tried to build an Ikea furniture. Despite the excellent instructions, chances are the ‘M’ screw did not fit exactly in the ‘K’ socket. You had to find out by yourself that it had to be inserted from the rear side, or something like that. This would not happen with a video, as you see what happens in real time.

2. Video can persuade a wider audience
Let’s face it: when you communicate you are also trying to persuade. Of course traffic informations or stock fluctuations are just that: informations. But as you begin writing a blog post, or simple new year’s greetings card your goal is to send a message and an efficient one. Now, video is easier as it works on so many levels with respect to the spoken, or written, word. You can leverage music, after effects motion graphics, or even the always popular handsome guy or gal that presents the video. The connection in video just happens quicker and there’s less room for misunderstanding the message.

3. Video has an high perceived value
For centuries anybody could be a poet. All that was needed were basic language skills and some free time. That’s why so many people write poems, and bore their friends to death by reading and re-reading their works of art. There are way less novels because writing a novel requires so much more time. On the web, where five hundred words are a long essay, everybody can publish tons of content. Does this mean this content is worth reading? Probably not, just as the many poems written by casual poets are, to put this bluntly, pure junk.

Video, on the other hand, is much harder to produce, edit, and distribute. Most people lack the skills needed to produce a decent web video. And with decent, I mean something that meets the basic requirements of a glitch free image, clear audio, and coherent structure. True, nowadays you can just use an iPhone, trim the beginning and the end, then upload to YouTube, but this is not what a potential client wants to see. So, being able to produce a clean, well edited, video is a valuable skill that leads to high perceived value.

To sum all this up, video is both a more efficient and has a perceived higher value with respect to a blog post or sales page. Note that I don’t say video is better. A good copy will outperform any mediocre video. Also, in some segments text can’t be beaten by a video: if you are looking for Los Angeles Flight schedules, the last thing you want is a 3 minutes long video that delays you when a textual timetable is all you were looking for. But looking carefully there’s always a place for a complimentary video (say, how to check if your luggage fits in the cabin luggage restrictions) to be placed next to plain text informations.

Web Design in Today’s Economy

August 25th, 2018

In today’s economy businesses are looking for cheaper ways to get their Web Design and Web Development needs met. This is not necessarily a bad thing, however with web sites you get what you pay for.

We are all in search of that illusive designer and programmer that bring our business recognition online, however most of them employ “black hat” techniques that will get you listed fast and ranked high on search engines. HOWEVER when Google, Yahoo, and other search engines begin to crawl your website regularly they will notice these tactics and begin to deduct from your Page Rank and eventually black list you from their systems.

Why would they do this if it is so bad, you might ask. Well the answer is simple they are out to make money, while not charging big bucks. The question remains what is a fair price for the Designing, Developing, SEO, and Deployment of your.

The answer is actually quite simple, ask yourself these few simple questions:
Do I want a solid design?
Do you want a designer that will give what you want and help you understand your needs?
Do you want a designer and developer that will help you get more out of your website?
Do you want a designer and developer that will not leave you with an unfinished product?
Do you want your designer and developer to have good follow through?

If your answers are yes, then you are in need of a true web designer and developer. You can find reasonable priced IT Professionals but I would recommend that you find someone who’s fees start out at $700 for a static 5 page website. Why you may ask because you want it done right the first time! With obvious results.